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We are going to start our new course i.e “Anatomy of Email Marketing course”.

This email marketing course will teach you what email marketing is, how to create an Email Marketing strategy, and how to build, test, deliver, and report on emails in the best way possible. In the email marketing course, we will also learn why email is so important in the field of marketing. What is the perspective for a digital marketer to learn email marketing?

Before discussing why an Email marketing course is as important for the digital world we will know briefly about Email Marketing.

Email marketing is defined as “a sales and marketing strategy that involves sending a commercial message to a specific audience in order to increase engagement, encourage conversion, and inspire referrals.”

Email marketing is now essential in B2B and B2C businesses all over the world due to its exceptional ROI. We share email marketing’s best tools, techniques & strategies with our students.

Through this course we provide proper email marketing training so that students can implement it properly. 

It can also be a softer sell to educate your audience on the value of your brand or to keep them engaged in the interim. It could also be anything in the middle.

Simply put, email marketing is the use of email communications as part of a marketing strategy to achieve specific business objectives.

Emails can be used to increase sales, improve customer engagement (via newsletters), acquire new customers, raise brand awareness, and reward customer loyalty.

Email marketing for existing clients and customers focuses on communication and awareness. Emails can be used to entice and attract potential customers in an outreach campaign.

What do email marketing experts do?

An email marketing specialist’s responsibilities vary. From using email marketing automation tools to writing emails and even interacting one-on-one with audiences, all email marketers can expect a set of tasks.

The roles and responsibilities of expert email marketing specialists are detailed below.

E-Mail Marketing Professionals are Responsible for:

  • Developing and managing a wide range of email marketing campaigns
  • Checking for key messaging in and out of email templates
  • Graphics requests are sent to designers.
  • Creating email lists
  • Keeping email databases secure for future campaigns
  • Making digital advertisements
  • Monitoring and analysing campaign outcomes
  • Responding to emails

For a better understanding of these email marketing courses I will try to explain some email marketing tools.

E-mail Marketing Campaign Types

There are numerous types of email campaigns. Here are a few that marketing teams have developed and found to be effective over the years:

Welcome email – When someone signs up to receive emails from you, this automated email greets them. Let them know you’re paying attention to them: acknowledge and appreciate their decision to work with your company. Here’s to the start of a wonderful relationship!

Promotional emails should be sent to each segment of your email list when you have a new product or service or want to reintroduce an existing one. 

Seasonal – Recurring seasonal events are excellent opportunities to let people know you have what they need to make this holiday, graduation, or vacation the best yet.

Triggered email – When it comes to email marketing, automation is your best friend. When a subscriber clicks on an offer, makes a purchase, returns or exchanges an item, or leaves items in their cart, marketing software sends a personalised email for each action. While the iron is hot, strike.

Re-engagement – Has it been a long time since you’ve heard from or engaged with someone who previously expressed interest or purchased from you? Send an email with an irresistible offer or information you know they’ll appreciate, and rekindle that dormant relationship. Let them know you remember them and the good times you shared.

Develop cost-effective campaigns – Strong email campaigns that use automation and content created by and for humans can result in more high-quality leads with less effort and cost. An effective email marketing campaign can save you money while increasing your ROI.

Drip after purchase – When someone buys one of your products or services, your email engagement does not end. That’s when you’re just getting started in terms of establishing customer trust and loyalty by remaining attentive and helpful. Email plays a significant role in this process, beginning with an order confirmation and continuing with shipping confirmation and follow-up emails to ensure your customer’s satisfaction. You can ensure that any problems are resolved and also provide advice.

Deliver personalised content – Strong email marketing solutions can assist you in segmenting your email list so that you can create personalised content that speaks to each recipient with information, offers, and messaging that is relevant to their needs and interests at any given time or stage of the customer journey.

Increase leads and revenue – More leads are generated by personalised content. And more qualified leads equate to more sales revenue.

Collect customer feedback – Another advantage of having direct contact with your customers is the ability to gather feedback and perform pulse checks in order to improve your business.

This email marketing course will teach you what email marketing is, how to create an email marketing strategy, and how to build, test, deliver, and report on emails in the best way possible with the help of email marketing tools. The course discusses the user journey and why it is critical to understand your audience in order to use email marketing and learn email marketing more effectively. 


Statistics on E-mail Marketing (Highlights)

There are 4 billion email users worldwide.

  • 40% of companies are increasing their email marketing budget.
  • The most effective email marketing campaign strategy is subscriber segmentation.
  • 39% of marketers send weekly emails, while 30% send multiple emails per month.
  • Over the last year, 80% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement.
  • Smartphone users prefer email to receive brand communications.
  • The majority of email marketers use mobile-friendly emails as part of their marketing strategy.

How often do we send emails to our clients Monthly, Daily, Weekly, multiple times per month, and multiple times per week in percentage for email marketing automation?

E-Mail Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is the process of sending emails to prospective customers using a platform. It’s an efficient way to reach out to and interact with prospects on a large scale. The idea behind marketing automation is that it sends relevant content or offers directly to each person on your email list based on previous behaviour.

For example, if someone visits your website but does not buy anything, you can use marketing automation to send them an email with a discount code for the product they were interested in and prospects should be nurtured.

Marketing automation, when done correctly, allows you to create personalised messages that speak directly to the consumer’s interests and needs.

Email marketing automation can help you achieve the following goal

Boost brand awareness

Create leads

Increase customer relationships

Increase sales conversions.

Promote repeat purchases

Email marketing automation can assist you in creating highly targeted campaigns that appeal to each segment of your customer base. Marketing automation allows you to send emails at the right time and place when they are most likely to convert.

Above all email marketing tools will help to understand why Email Marketing Training is effective to achieve a digital marketing goal.


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