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Here’s How Digital Marketing is Changing the Job Landscape in 2022

Gone are the days when there were just ‘Degree Jobs’ prevailing in the job market. Today, it is more of a skill-based job market and the onus of this paradigm shift is on the ever-evolving digital marketing domain. The future of digital marketing in India in the year 2022 is bright not just for the business owners but also for one more sect of the society – The Job Seekers.

The scope of digital marketing in India is ever-expanding. The industry is introducing a slew of digital marketing opportunities for those who are passionate about them. And guess what! Many of these digital marketing jobs don’t have any specific degree in their requirement list. While some of these jobs demand creative skills, others want you to be a number cruncher. And if you own such skills, the digital marketing world is for you to win.

Let’s see what the digital marketing job industry looks like and why you should choose digital marketing as a career.

●    Digital Marketing Jobs Without Degree

Yes! You read that right. Digital Marketing is more of a skill than a degree. The online marketing industry breaks the norm as per which it is mandatory for an individual to have a degree for a job. If you have the required skill, you can pursue a professional career in the digital marketing industry. To be more specific, if you possess storytelling skills, sub-domains of digital marketing such as Social Media and Video Marketing are for you. If you are good with numbers, the world of online advertising is for you. The creative heads with amazing visualization can create wonders as graphic designers. Of course, it is imperative to learn the related tools but that’s not a challenge for those with an ‘I-Can-Do-It’ attitude.

●    Digital Marketing has Scope for Freshers

For freshers, landing into a job is a daunting task. Either they have to compromise with the quality of the work or they have to settle for less remuneration. But if you are a fresher and looking forward to building a digital marketing career in India, then here is something that will comfort you. The digital marketing industry doesn’t discriminate between an experienced individual and a fresher. As mentioned above, if you have the required skill to undertake and execute a job, you can land into a well-paying job even without any experience or degree. Digital marketing salary for freshers is quite competitive provided they are well-versed with the know-how of the digital marketing domain. All in all, a digital marketing career has a rewarding scope even for freshers.

●    Pursue Digital Marketing Career with Your Other Profession

The gig economy in India is on the rise. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of freelancers in India recently. Even the established corporates and start-ups are hiring freelancers to get the job done. And most of these corporations are hiring freelancers for their digital marketing needs.

Want to make extra bucks as a digital marketing freelancer? You can opt for a digital marketing course with your job alongside. Learn digital marketing or any of its subdomains and work as a freelancer. There are various platforms where you can work as a digital marketing freelancer without having to quit your job. This amazing fusion is possible because of the flexibility of the digital marketing industry and we believe this trend is here to stay for long.

●    There are Digital Marketing Home-Based Jobs Too

Let’s say you are a homemaker and want to make a handsome living. Or you are a school/college-going student who, as of now, wants to work from home and take care of your expenses. Irrespective of the case, if you wish to work and earn from home, Digital Marketing is here to your rescue. There are digital marketing job opportunities for those who want to earn right from the comfort of their homes. All you need is a computer system and required digital marketing skills and you are good to go.

From content writing, SEO optimization, Social Media strategy for a client, designing a social media banner to running an ad campaign, there is a lot you can do and a lot you can earn from your home. So you see, digital marketing job scope is not just limited to any professional job or office space. You can have your own clients and serve them right from your home sweet home.

So, Is Digital Marketing a Good Career Option?

The short answer is YES. Digital marketing has scope in the future. Furthermore, there will be many career opportunities in digital marketing in India in the year 2022. If you are a job seeker or you will be out soon seeking a job, now is the right time to learn about digital marketing. Make yourself employable with the well-versed concepts of Digital Marketing.

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